July 3, 2013

Removing Mildew and Odor

Q: We have begun the process of re-covering old lap siding on our old farmhouse. Is there anything that you would recommend for disinfecting the old wood to remove  mildew and odors before we re-cover the farmhouse? – John

A: You will find mildew removal products at your local hardware store that you can buy. An alternative is to simply mix bleach and water. You want to use about one part bleach to four or even five parts water. Dress appropriately when doing this to protect yourself. You do not want to coat yourself in this solution as you are cleaning. The solution will kill both the mildew and the odor. When finished, hose it off.

If there are any plants near the farmhouse, it is recommended that you hose them down first. If you spill any of the cleaner you are using on the plants, you can hose them off again. The solution will be less likely to stick to the plants as easily if they are already wet.

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