June 19, 2014

Should You Pay To Have An Awning Installed Or DIY?

A sun awning will definitely provide that fresh change that you want for your home. Not only will it enhance the architectural quality and appeal of your house, it will also save you money on energy and protect you from warm weather, rain, and strong winds. Sun awnings block the sunlight and reduces your need for air conditioning.

sun owning over a patio

Once you have decided which type of sun awning will best compliment your home, you are probably debating on whether or not you should install it yourself or hire a professional awning service to put it up for you. When deciding on installing a DIY sun awning on your own or paying somebody else to do it for you there are some important things that you need to consider before making this decision.

Cost of the project

Shopping around online for awnings that you can install yourself, you will find that a DIY sun awning will typically cost between $300 to $1000 depending on the size and the design. This cost will already include everything that you may need to install the sun awning, such as the frame, the mechanisms, brackets, and other accessories. Bottom line is, the sun awning itself costs a considerable amount of money.

Many sun awning sellers already provide free installation upon purchase of their high-end items. Most DIY sun awnings will come with complete instructions that are very easy to follow even for those who don’t have any background in awning installation, carpentry or construction. Most can be installed in as little as an hour.

Having a professional awning installer do the work for you will cost you a whole lot more than when you do it yourself. Having your sun awning installed by a professional ensures that everything is done correctly and you leave no room for error. But if you are on a budget, unless there are special needs based on where you want your awning to be, this is not a difficult project to take on yourself.


Hiring a professional sun awning installer means paying for their expertise and their experience. They do this for a living so you can trust that they know what they are doing. When faced with a difficulty during the installation such as a problem with the space or the area where the sun awning will be mounted, you can be sure that they can come up with a contingency or a sound suggestion to install the awning as you wish. Professional installers can also make suggestions as to how you will be able to maximize the benefits of a sun awning with proper placement or location.

It is always best to hire a professional awning installer for more complicated projects that will require technical, electrical, and plumbing skills. But if you have basic knowledge of carpentry or if you are just installing a simple sun awning then there is no need to shell out hundreds of dollars to have them installed by a pro. DIY sun awnings come with fail proof instructions that will provide the necessary information for you to install your sun awnings even if you only have knowledge of the basics.

Total Experience

Many people take pride in being able to build portions of their homes by themselves without the assistance of hired help.  Being able to install a sun awning by yourself can be a very rewarding experience.  Installing a sun awning on your own will give you total control over the project and allows you to change any of the details as you see fit.

If you find yourself at a dead end, you can always go to your local hardware store and ask for the best tool to use and the internet is full of information about DIY projects.  You will be surprised how many articles you will find on the simplest hurdles that you may have in your installation.

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